Silvana Magni

Research interests

My main research interests are in all aspects of the fluid-rock interaction from micro to macro scale; how to combine mineralogical and microstructural data to obtain information on this. The fluid-rock interaction is a complex field that involves mineralogy, microstructural study and physical analysis. I’m interested to investigate the role of the stylolites against the fluid circulation. I’m also interested to investigate the dissolution and the importance of karst system and permeability.

Education and Employment history

2001 - 2010 M.A. Earth Science at the University of Bari (Italy)
2010 - 2011 Post graduate course in Engineering Geology at the University of Siena (Italy)
2015 - present Phd at the University of Mainz, Department of Earth Science


2012 National Slovenian Scholarship. University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Project research: stylolites, karst formation, speleothems, Advisor: Prof. Andrej Kranjc


2013 Magni Silvana. Study of the relationship between pressure solution and karstification. Karstflow. Budapest (Poster session)
2015 Magni Silvana. The water circulation in the fractured rocks: the role of stylolites in the development of Karst. EGU 2015-Wien (Poster session)
2016 Magni Silvana. Stylolites control Karst formation.43rd IAH International Congress “Groundwater and society :60 years of IAH” (oral presentation)
2017 Magni Silvana.The permeability of fault zone: the role of stylolites as agent of dissolution. EGU 2017-Wien (Poster Session)