Isotope-geochemical Palaeoclimatology/Speleothem Research

The Isotope-geochemical Palaeoclimatology/Speleothem Research Group exists since September 2009 and is led by Prof. Dr. Denis Scholz.

The major goal of the group is the reconstruction of past climate variability. We mainly use speleothems, such as stalagmites, stalactites and flowstones, as climate archives, which are secondary carbonates found in caves.


Speleothem Research Group (from left to right): Selina Dawidowsky, Marissa Müller, Nadine Köller, Florentine Zwillich, Julia Heß, Ruth Wasmund, Dr. Dana Riechelmann, Lisette Karbach, Dr. Regina Mertz, Jennifer Klose, Prof. Dr. Denis Scholz, Dr. Jasper Wassenburg, Michael Weber, Sarah Waltgenbach, Maximilian Hansen, Dr. Sakonvan Chawchai (Moo), Alexander Budsky, Simon Mischel, Lena Fay Böhmer & Sina