How to find us

Site map of the JGU Campus. Note, the Institute for Geosciences is in the "Naturwissenschaften Gebäude" situated near the "Muschel" lecture building.

Below you will find a map on how to get to the Institute for Geosciences Mainz (J.-J.-Becherweg 21).

By car:

Please note: If you arrive by car, you can only enter via the main gate (Ackermannweg 11, 55128 Mainz).You will need a day pass to access the University campus by driving slowly towards the gate your plate of the car will be automatically scanned (you will see it in a digital display in orange). This allow you 24 hrs access to the campus. Drive slowly further to the gate, wait until it opens and drive onto the campus.

If you are using a car navigation system, please enter Ackermannweg/Koblenzer Strasse as your destination, to get to the main gate. All the other gates are closed for car traffic without special permits.

By public transport (from Mainz train station):

The easiest way is to exit the train station through the back exit (not the main entrance) and walk to “Mainz
Hauptbahnhof West/Taubertsbergbad” (5 minutes), from which there are many busses/trams that go to
the campus (1 stop away). Alternatively you can also depart from Mainz central (then it is 2 Stops). You can also walk (around 20 minutes), but the route is along a busy street, so we recommend taking the tram or bus. The tram is slightly more convenient as it stops closer to the campus. Take one of the following trams that usually go every 10 minutes or so:

Tram 51 (direction Lerchenberg)
Tram 53 (
direction Lerchenberg)

alternatively also various bus lines 45, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 64, 65, 68, 90, 91 go to University.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can buy a “short distance” or “Kurzdistanz” ticket from the driver. Get off
at the next stop (Universität), which will drop you off close to the main campus entrance. From there you can walk in 10 minutes to the Institute.

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