Institutional Seminar

Institutional Seminar, SS 2023, Tuesday 16.15-17.15

The institutional seminar is open for all students and working groups of geosciences. Its aim is to make new research results accessible to a broad audience.

Please note: All meetings are taking place in presence at the Senatssaal 07 232 and on Teams (link on request). Any divergence in format will be denoted in the announcements and the list below.

24.10.2023  - No seminar -
31.10.2023 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Miriam Reiss, JGU Mainz
Interplay between magmatic and tectonic processes in the East African Rift
Afterwards: Meet Miriam and have a beer!
07.11.2023 Dr. Théo Tacail, JGU Mainz
Vertebrates dietary habits and trophic ecology in the light of non-traditional metal stable isotopes
14.11.2023 Dimitrios Moutzouris, JGU Mainz
The origin of amphibole in ultramafic rocks and an amphibole-clinopyroxene Fe+2 -Mg exchange thermometer for mantle lithologies
only on TEAMS
Dr. Oleg Melnik, Grenoble
Numerical simulation of non-isothermal flows in dikes
in 01-114
Dr. Simon Schorn, Uni Graz
Exothermic hydration reactions and thermally-activated processes in metamorphic systems
05.12.2023 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Robert Reinecke, Geography JGU Mainz
Impossible maps: using global water models to simulate the earth system
12.12.2023 Jessica Landgraf, Bundesamt für Gewässerkunde
The fingerprint of water - What opportunities does the utilization of in/stable water isotopes provide in applied research?
Prof. Cees Paschier, JGU Mainz
ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα
Dr. Marcus Paul + Dr. Fulvio Canonico, Reach & Projekte, Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut für Baustofftechnologie
’The role of Geoscience in the Cement Industry’s road to carbon neutrality'
only on TEAMS
Dr. Marie Alberic, Sorbonne/CNRS
'Biomineralization and biomineral pigmentation in sea urchins towards the synthesis of bio-inspired hybrid pigments'
Prof. Denis Scholz, JGU Mainz
'Precise determination of the timing of the Laacher See eruption based on speleothem proxy data'
Prof. Thomas Wagner, MPIC
'A global catalog of BrO / SO2 ratios in volcanic plumes'
Prof. Kevin Burton, Durham University