Institutional Seminar

Institutional Seminar, SS 2022, Tuesday 16.15-17.15

The institutional seminar is open for all students and working groups of geosciences. Its aim is to make new research results accessible to a broad audience.

This winter term we invited several alumni of the institute to present their current work and tell their career entry story focussing on future job perspectives for our students.

Please note: All meetings are taking place in hybrid form (in presence at the Senatssaal 07 232 AND online@Teams). Any divergence in format will be denoted in the announcements and the list below.

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25.10.2022 - No Seminar -
01.11.2022 - Holiday / Allerheiligen -
08.11.2022 Andreas Günther-Plönes, Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler
'Der Arbeitsmarkt in den Geowissenschaften'
15.11.2022 Dr. Eric Otto Walliser, Museum Wiesbaden
'Digital Curator im Museum'
22.11.2022 Prof. Francesca Forni, Statale University of Milan
'Quaternary caldera-forming eruptions from north to south Sumatra (Indonesia)'
Dr. Nadine Hallmann, ECORD
'From climate change to scientific ocean drilling'
06.12.2022 Dr. Gaston Giuliani, IRD and CRPG-CNRS
'Emeralds of the world'
Dr. Bernhard Schuck, BGR
Geologe bei der Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe
20.12.2022 Dr. Daniel Herwartz, Universität Köln
'Palaeotemperatures revisited using the second oxygen isotope dimension'
Alexander Streb, Freelancer in Environmental Services
'Aus dem Hörsaal in die Klimakrise''
17.01.2023 No seminar - alternate date: 14.02.2023
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Nagel, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
'Density, Depletion and Deposits – How phase transitions may control convection in the upper mantle'
Dr. Sebastian Voigt, Urweltmuseum GEOSKOP
'The Remigiusberg lagerstätte - reconstruction of a Pennsylvanian-Permian ecosystem of global interest'
07.02.2023 Dr. Sophie Warken, Uni Heidelberg
'Reconstruction of past climate variability and extreme events using precisely dated speleothems'
new date
Dr. Christoph Fuellenbach, Publishing Manager at Springer Nature
'Publishing Manager bei Springer Nature — Von der Geologie zum Publishing'