Institutional Seminar

Institutional Seminar, WS 2020/21, Tuesday 16.15-17.15

The institutional seminar is open for all students and working groups of geosciences. Its aim is to make new research results accessible to a broad audience.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Institutional Seminar in WS 2020/21 takes place ONLINE on BBB (link below):

(access code: 267710)


03.11.20  Dr. Xin Zhong - Freie Universität Berlin

“Deciphering metamorphic P-T history with Raman elastic thermobarometry”

10.11.20 Dr. Fabrizio Magrini - Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy

“Rayleigh-wave attenuation from seismic ambient noise: numerical validation and application”

17.11.20 Mr. Oskar Kottwitz, JGU Mainz

“Multiscale fluid-flow modeling in fractured reservoirs”

24.11.20 Mr. Francesco Cappuccio, JGU Mainz

“Image analysis of CT datasets, quantification of porosity, and applications to understanding fracturing of rock masses”

01.12.20 Dr. Jennifer Leichliter, JGU Mainz

"Measuring nitrogen isotopes in tooth enamel: a new proxy for reconstructing trophic behavior in modern and fossil food webs"

08.12.20 Prof. Bjorn Jamtveit, UiO

"The Effects of Earthquakes and Fluids on the Metamorphism of the Lower Continental Crust"

15.12.20 Daniel Kiss, JGU Mainz

"Thermal softening as a mechanism of shear zone formation and subduction initiation"

22.12.20 Christmas holidays

29.12.20 Christmas holidays

05.01.21  Prof. Michael Kersten, JGU Mainz

“How to publish in an international scholarly journal”

12.01.21 Prof. Luca de Siena, JGU Mainz

“Seismic modelling across magma systems”

19.01.21 Marcel Rheinhardt, JGU Mainz

“Modelling of transport processes in fractured porous media”

26.01.21 Prof. Dr. Michael Böttcher, Institute for Baltic Sea research, Warnemünde

"Stable Isotope Partitioning in Physico-Chemical Gradients of a Coastal Sea and its Catchment: Controls by Biogeochemistry and (Paleo) Hydrography"

02.02.21 Prof. Dr. Georg Wieber & Dr. Thomas Dreher, Landesamt für Geologie und Bergbau Rheinland-Pfalz

"Das Geologie-Datengesetz: Anforderungen an Universitäten und andere Organisation zur Lieferung von geologischen Daten"

09.02.21 Dr. Dana Riechelmann, JGU Mainz, tba

"Applying tree-ring methods to laminated speleothems"