Institutional Seminar

Institutional Seminar, SS 2021, Tuesday 16.15-17.15

The institutional seminar is open for all students and working groups of geosciences. Its aim is to make new research results accessible to a broad audience.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Institutional Seminar in SS 2021 takes place ONLINE on BBB (link below):

(access code: 582642)


13.04.21 Dr. Lorenzo Candioti, UNIL

“Mathematical modelling of collision orogens”

20.04.21 EGU no seminar

27.04.21 EGU no seminar

04.05.21 Dr. David Wilson, UCL

“Ice and isotopes: Pleistocene variability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet from marine sediment records”

11.05.21 Prof. Dr. Cees Passchier, JGU Mainz

"Puzzles in Geoarchaeology"

18.05.21 Prof. Dr. Michael Kersten, JGU Mainz

"Modern environmental geochemistry tools such as molecular modelling and imaging to elucidate interaction between pesticides and heavy metals in soils"

25.05.21 Dr. Jens Fohlmeister, PIK Potsdam

"Evidence for vegetation changes in northern Oman during the early Holocene"

01.06.21 Dr. Alexandra Gutmann

"Atmospheric Selenium in Volcanic Environment - A New Analytical Approach"

08.06.21 Prof. Dr. Philip Pogge von Strandmann, JGU Mainz

"Why does the Earth stay habitable? Examining the changing carbon cycle through time"

15.06.21 Prof. Dr. Jonanthan Castro, JGU Mainz

“Lightning-induced weathering of Cascadian volcanic peaks”

22.06.21 Prof. Dr. Anne Jantschke, JGU Mainz

"Biomineralization in Calcifying Dinoflagellates: From cryo-electron microscopy snapshots to in situ spectroscopy"

29.06.21 Dr. Jonas Ruh, ETH Zürich

"Self-Consistent Grain Size Evolution controls Strain Localization during Rifting"

06.07.21 Dr. Cindy Luisier, Université de Rennes

"Kinetics versus stress heterogeneities: explaining discrepant metamorphic pressures in the Internal Crystalline Massifs, Western Alps"

13.07.21 Dr. Mattia Mazzucchelli, JGU Mainz

"The influence of non-hydrostatic stress on mineral equilibria: insights from Molecular Dynamics"