Institutional Seminar

Institutional Seminar, WS 2021/2022, Tuesday 16.15-17.15

The institutional seminar is open for all students and working groups of geosciences. Its aim is to make new research results accessible to a broad audience.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Institutional Seminar in WS 2021/2022 takes place ONLINE on Teams.

Link to the meeting:


19.10.2021 - No seminar -
26.10.2021 Dr. Friedrich Hawemann, AG Tektonik und Strukturgeologie, JGU Mainz
'Taking a bite of the Jelly Sandwich: Brittle and ductile deformation in the lower crust'
02.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Eric Oelkers, CNRS, Toulouse
'The role of particulate material on the oxygenation of the Earth'
09.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Eleonora Rivalta, GFZ Potsdam
'Towards three-dimensional mechanical forecasts of the location of future eruptive sites at volcanoes'
16.11.2021 Prof. Dr. Evangelos Moulas, AG Metamorphe Prozesse, JGU Mainz
'Exhumation of high-pressure rocks: mechanical and petrological constraints'
23.11.2021 Prof. Lars Rüpke, GEOMAR
'Marine Mineral Systems'
30.11.2021 Prof. David Evans, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
'How foraminifera calcify and why we should care'
07.12.2021 Dr. Corrado Cimarelli, LMU Munich
'The bright side of the plume: volcanic lightning and volcanic ash electrification'
14.12.2021 - No seminar -
04.01.2022 Apl.-Prof. Dr. Frieder Enzmann, JGU Mainz
'Stand der Neubauplanung Geozentrum - eine detailierte Übersicht'
11.01.2022 Dr. Elena Sturm (née Rosseeva), University of Konstanz
'Lessons from tooth of Darwin’s Dreampond on material strategies'
18.01.2022 Apl.-Prof. Dr. Frieder Enzmann, JGU Mainz
'Die Flutkatastrophe an der Ahr – Massenbewegungen infolge extremen Starkregens, Bestandsaufnahme und laufende Projekte'
25.01.2022 Dr. Alexandra Auderset, MPIC Mainz
'Enhanced ocean oxygenation during Cenozoic warm periods'
Dr. Christopher Pearce, National Oceanography Centre, Southhampton
'Enhanced Weathering: A viable climate change mitigation strategy?'