The first Master Degree Course Geosciences starts in October 2011. It builds upon the Bachelor Course and leads to a Master of Science of Geosciences. M.Sc.

The Course is oriented towards applied and research questions in equal measure and imparts in depth geoscientific expertise. The topics covered applies to scientifically relevant questions such as global climate change, scarce ressources and geo hazards as well as questions currently under debate in the scientific realm. The students will learn to understand the complex interactions within the System Earth. They will also aquire the skill to apply scientific methods and to critically examine and apply knowledge. This endows the successful graduates with the necessary prerequisites for applied as well as academic carreers.

The Course is modular and each module has its own exam. The regular period of study is four semesters (two years). In the last semester the end students will write their Master´s Thesis. Together with the results from the module exams and a final oral exam its result is the Master´s degree exam.

Admission requirements include the enrollment eligibility at a German University, a Bachelor Degree in Geosciences or an equivalent degree as well as sufficient German and English language skills.

Admissions will be decided individually and may be subject to conditions.

Further information is provided in the (click to get to download):

Module description M.Sc.
all modules currently offered with info on lectures, topics and requirements.

Study Plan M.Sc.
gives the time line for the degree course.

Examination regulations M.Sc.
provides the overall view on what you need for your successfull degree.

The information given is an excerpt from the Examination Regulations and are not binding. For further and legally binding information see the official and effective version of the Examination Regulations Master Geowissenschaften.