Group seminars

Tuesday 10:00-11:00, Room 04-244

17.06.14: Philippe YAMATONumerical modelling of magma transport in dykes == CANCELLED ==

20.05.14: Mohsen POURYAZDANShear-Induced Mixing in Metals Linked to Geodynamics (11:00, room 04-244)

06.05.14: Francis WUA Three-Dimensional View of Taiwan Collision Tectonics Based on TAIGER Observations

22.04.14: Gregor GOLABEKThermomechanical evolution of planetesimals (11:00)

10.04.14: Rhein-Main geodynamics workshop.(Frankfurt)

19.03.14: Prof. Dave YUENBi-material viscoelastic Instabilities in the Crust and Lithosphere: Applications for Faults and Phase Transitions (14:00, room 04-244)

17.03.14: Emmanuelle BOUTONNETInsights into the physics of the Alps by combining 3D-models and observations (Prof. Kaus' office)

18.11.13: Frankfurt-Mainz geodynamics workshop.(Kitchen 4th floor, NatFak building)


12.11.13: Anton PopovParallel implementation of non-Newtonian rheology on staggered grids


17.10.13: Geocycles workshop on magmatic systemsErbacher hof, Mainz.


15.10.13: Guillaume RICHARDFrom Agean tectonics to lithosphere rheology and dynamics

01.10.13: Sven MEYERBranching shear zones

24.09.13: Adina PUSOKTowards 3D numerical modeling of the India-Asia collision zone

10.09.13: Gang LUDynamic subduction initiation from stagnant Earth induced by large-scale mantle convection

27.08.13: Emmanuelle BOUTONNETPresent-day behavior of continental collision zones

02.07.13: Till SACHAUProblems with lattice models in geological large scale simulations

04.06.13: Ragnar LEHMANNBenchmarking Codes for Stokes Flow and Recent Progress on the Discontinuous Galerkin Method

28.05.13: Emmanuelle BOUTONNETPaper discussion: Subduction of the South Chile active spreading ridge

21.05.13: Boris KAUSMagmatic batholiths in Patagonia

08.05.13 - 2pm : Frieder ENZMANNApplication of different Computed Tomography Methods in Geosciences – An overview about current research activities and projects (14:00, room 04-244)

19.02.13: Oliver HARTKORNMagnetotellurics: Influence of solar winds variations on data quality (11:00, room 04-244)

23.01.13: Guillaume RICHARDPlanetary deep water Cycles: Convection and Magmatism (14:00, room 04-244)


18.01.13: Marine COLLIGNONInteractions between tectonics and surface processes in the Zagros Mountain, Iran (11:00, room 00-285)


15.01.13: Antoine ROZELConvection of Venus and Enceladus, two regimes, one rheological model.


18.12.12: Tobias BAUMANNIntroduction to MPI programming, focusing on what we use in LaMEM.

11.12.12: Emmanuelle BOUTONNET Map creator: an improvement of CreatePhase.m (room 00-264)

04.12.12: Ragnar LEHMANNMagma Dynamics in a VEP Regime

27.11.12: Adina PUSOKNon-Orthogonal Finite Difference Staggered Grid Method - discussion on its advantages and shortcomings



13.11.12: Naiara FERNANDESPaper discussion: Long term rheology of salt.

30.10.12: Erik SCHAEFERStudies on the ambiguity of magnetotelluric model answers

10.07.12: Ragnar LEHMANNOn the Coherence of Hybrid Frames for Elliptic Operator Equations.

08.05.12: Naiara FERNANDES Insights into the physics of crustal-scale folding in the Zagros from 2D and 3D numerical models.

29.05.12: Florian Finite Element scenario models to quantify possible errors of enhanced Thermal Response Tests in borehole heat exchangers.
05.06.12: Melanie BOCKGeoelectric investigations of faults.
12.06.12: Tobias BAUMANNGeodynamic inverse modeling: Constraining rheological properties of the lithosphere.
19.06.12: Boris KAUSPhysics of lithospheric net rotation.
03.07.12: W. JACOBY

Continental splinters in East Iceland and opening of the North Atlantic.