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Uncovering the secrets of gems (JGU, 23.2.2024)


German Engineer Prize for innovation & digitalisation for the MABEIS project (BSVI, 29.09.2023)


Wear marks on dinosaur teeth provide information about their diet (JGU, 13.12.2022)

Increasing forest cover in the Eifel 11,000 years ago resulted in local loss of megafauna (JGU, 8.12.2022)

Hominids have cooked fish already 780.000 years ago (JGU, 15.11.2022)


How quickly does the climate recover? (JGU, 19.10.2021)

Heavy rain forecast from the Eifel maars (MPI/JGU, 20.8.2021)

The City of David and the sharks' teeth mystery (Eureka, 3.7.2021)


Global precipitation patterns as a result of climate change (JGU, 10.12.2020)

Mineral dust ingested with food leaves characteristic wear on herbivore teeth (JGU, 25.08.2020)

Zinc isotopes in dental enamel: New method for reconstructing the diet of fossil vertebrates (JGU, 16.10.2019)

"Forschungsförderpreis" of the friends of the University of Mainz 2019 given to Dr. Lisa Rummel for her PhD thesis “Coupling geodynamic with thermodynamic modeling to investigate compositional evolution in magmatic systems”. The prize will be handed over on the 10. June at DIES ACADEMICUS 2020


Pristine state of oceans will be investigated with ERC funding (JGU, 16.10.2019)

Sediment meltinclusions in Earth mantle identified as source for salt-containing inclusions in diamonds (JGU, 14.08.2019)

Dental microwear provides clues to dietary habits of lepidosauria (JGU, 21.06.2019)

Phytolith- and water content of forage influences dental wear of vertebrates(JGU, 04.01.2019)


Intensive fish trade from Egypt to Israel already 3500 years ago (JGU, 16.10.2018)

Mineral finds on Galapagos Islands pose a puzzle on their provenance and origin (JGU, 18.09.2018)

Industrial complex in the Roman Empire: watermills from Barbegal produced probably flour for hardtack (JGU, 07.09.2018)

Boris Kaus receives ERC Consolidator Grant for his research in magmatic processes (JGU, 21.02.2018)


Computer simulations of the geosciences solve conundrum of vortex structures in multi-layer metall (JGU, 27.11.2017)

Donald Dingwell receives GFK-Fellowship (JGU, 22.05.2017)

Cornelis Passchier receives Stephan-Mueller-Medal 2017 of the EGU (JGU, 26.04.2017)

Stalagmits provide palaeoclimate data (JGU, 02.02.2017)


Limestone deposits in Patara-aquaeduct provide clues about climate at Nero´s time (JGU, 29.07.2016)

Feodor Lynen Research stipend from Humboldt Foundation for Thomas Tütken (JGU, 06.07.2016)

ERC Proof of Concept Grant for Boris Kaus (JGU, 10.05.2016)

ERC Consolidator Grant 'Vertebrate Herbivory' for Thomas Tütken (JGU, 10.02.2016)

EU-Funding for PhD positions in Geophysics (JGU, 02.02.2016)

Dinosaur eggs: Body temperature determinations (Campus TV JGU, 23.01.2016)


Blueschists are not an indication for plate tectonics (JGU, 14.12.2015)

Denis Scholz receives Heisenberg-Professorship from DFG (JGU, 05.11.2015)

Dinosaur body temperatures: a chemical thermometer in eggshells (JGU, 14.10.2015)

The cave of the lion: Speleothem research in the Zoolithen Cave (Fernsehbeitrag BR, 20.07.2015)

"Osterhasen-Amethyst" from university collection in exposition in Bremen (JGU, 29.06.2015)

Expansion of anatomical modern humans via the Levante to Europe (JGU, 18.06.2015)

60 years Institute for Gem-Research in Idar-Oberstein (JGU, 05.05.2015)

Ancient roman aqueducts could spill climate secrets (EOS, 19.03.2015)

Research project on platetectonics awarded as excellence project (JGU, 18.02.2015)

A bite of knowledge - Research on teeth (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 02.02.2015)


Archaean continental crust was instable and droped into the mantle (JGU, 18.12.2013)

Model calculation of the dynamic from the Greenland ice must be expanded (JGU, 28.08.2013)

Palaeontological University Collection: Mollusks tell climate tales (JGU, 04.02.2013)


Mineralogical University Collection: Minerals never die (JGU, 26.06.2012)