Max Planck Graduate Center

In the MPGC the partners Max Planck Society and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz founded an organisation permitting joint research and education in the two local Max Planck Institutes (MPI) and four departments of the University.

The Graduate Center has its own doctoral degree regulations and awards the young scientists after a successful defense with the degree “Doktor rerum naturalium” (Dr. rer. nat.) of the University of Mainz complemented by the logo of the Max Planck Society. Therefore, the MPGC could be described as a virtual department. The regulations of the MPGC promote in particular interdisciplinar research. Application and admission to the doctoral program is possible irrespective of whether students are funded by the MPGC or not.

The participating departments are:

  • Medicine (FB 04)
  • Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (FB 08)
  • Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Geosciences (FB 09)
  • Biology (FB 10)

The participating Max Planck Institutes are:

  • MPI for Chemistry (MPIC)
  • MPI for Polymer Research (MPIP)