The Institute of Geosciences participates in the mobility program ERASMUS of the University of Mainz. The program offers studies abroad for students including universities of Reykjavik (Iceland), Gothenburg (Sweden), Graz (Austria), Milan (Italy), Barcelona and Oviedo (Spain). Information on the ERASMUS program is provided via mainpage from

ERASMUS allows an exchange scholarship for a maximum period of 12 months within an academic year. Application for an ERASMUS scholarship presupposes completion of at least two terms in geoscience at university as well as matriculation for a regular degree in geoscience.

Closing date for application is January 31, for the following academic year. By this date, an application including CV, letter of motivation and previous course achievements must be available to the departmental coordinator Dr. Anton Popov (

The selection of scholarship holders is based on previous course achievements. Further criteria are language skills, professional competence, knowledge on the envisaged host country and personal motivation, which are evaluated during an interview.

For questions which can’t be answered by consulting the ERASMUS website or through the ERASMUS office at “Abteilung Internationales” the departmental coordinator may be contacted.