Sarah Waltgenbach


“Detection and characterization of Holocene weather extremes in speleothems from Germany”

The goal of this project is the detection and characterisation of past weather extremes during the Holocene in speleothems from Germany. We will identify the most suitable proxies (e.g., trace elements) for the reconstruction of past weather extremes (i.e., severe cold/heat, flooding/drought, etc.). For this purpose, several stalagmites will be investigated by precise 230Th/U-dating as well as stable oxygen and carbon isotope and trace element analyses. Phases of extreme weather events will be studied by the highest temporal resolution using state of the art analytical techniques (i.e., micromilling and laser ablation ICPMS). In addition, the regional expansion of selected extreme events will be determined by comparison of several regionally distributed speleothems records.

Master thesis:

230Th/U-dating of Roman aqueduct sinter


Peer reviewed:

Wenz, S., Scholz, D., Sürmelihindi, G., Passchier, C. W., Jochum, K. P., and Andreae, M. O., 2016. 230Th/U-dating of carbonate deposits from ancient aqueducts. Quaternary Geochronology 32, 40-52.