Publications Dejan Prelevic

Papers submitted or in revision

Pe-Piper, G., Zhang, Y., Piper, D. J.W. and Prelević, D. Petrologic and tectonic significance of lamproites from the NE Aegean shoshonite province. Lithos, In revision.

Prelević, D., Brügmann, G., Božović, M., Foley, S.F., Cvetković, V., and Maksimović, Z. Os-isotopes constraints on the dynamics of orogenic mantle: the case of Central Balkans. Gondwana Research, In revision.

Bussweiler, Y.,Foley, S., Prelević, D., A Solution to the Olivine Macrocryst Problem: New Insights from Minor and Trace Element Compositions of Olivine from Lac de Gras Kimberlites, Northwest Territories, Canada. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Submitted.

Published papers

Prelević, D., Seghedi, I. (2013). Magmatic response to the post-accretionary orogenesis within Alpine-Himalayan belt. Lithos, In print.

Grützner, T., Prelević, D., Akal, C. (2013). Geochemistry and origin of ultramafic enclaves and their basanitic host rock from Kula Volcano, Turkey. Lithos, In print.

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