Former projects

Wu Tai Shan, China

This project was carried out in co-operation with Beijing University and Carlton University, Perth. We investigate the tectonics of the Wu Tai Shan greenstone belt west of Beijing.


With the University of Zimbabwe, we worked on a project on Neoproterozoic tectonics of NW Zimbabwe. The project was financed jointly by the Volkswagen Stiftung and DFG.

Capricorn orogen

In co-operation with the west-Australian geological Suwey we investigated the tectonic evolution of the Capricorn orogen (early - mid Proterozoic), in between the Pilbara and Yilgarn cratons. A new orogenic event, the Glenburg orogeny, was recognised here recently as a result of our work.

Vestfold Hills, Antarctica

Research on progressive deformation in polymineralic ultramylonites from the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, was undertaken by Marga Zuyderwijk, a Ph. D. student at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Samples for this study were collected during several ANARE Australian expeditions to the Antarctic by Cees Passchier, Hans Hoek and Roland Bekendam. The study focussed on grain scale deformation mechanisms in ultramylonite and deformed pseudotachylyte and involves TEM-work.

San Vincente Mine, Peru

In this project we studied the development of zebra rocks and their relation to tectonic deformation and lead-zinc mineralisation.

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