Textbook: Microtectonics

C. W. Passchier & R.A.J. Trouw

This book, published by Springer Verlag in Heidelberg, based on teaching courses given in our department and deals with all aspects of deformation microstructures in rocks as observed in thin section. The text is mainly meant for undergraduate and graduate students and discusses results of research on microstructures up to 2005. The book can be used as a course manual, or for independent study.

Besides treatment of common microstructures, there are chapters on flow and deformation, deformation mechanisms, microstructures that can be used to derive quantitative data from rocks (microgauges) and special techniques such as EBSD, tomography and fluid inclusion studies. Further included is a glossary of terms, and a list of nearly 700 key references up to 1996. We have included 322 line drawings and photographs to illustrate the description and interpretation of common microstructures. In order to reduce costs, all illustrations are in black and white, but a CD has been added with color photos, images, and animations, exercises and questions as well as a copy of the glossary. The CD works for Windows and Macintosh OSX.

Microtectonics has proven useful for self study of microstructures and as a manual for short- and one-semester courses. As an outline, we give the list of contents below.

MICROTECTONICS - C. W. Passchier & R.A.J. Trouw. Springer Verlag. 2005. second edition. 366 p. 322 illus. with CD., Hardcover

ISBN: 3-540-64003-7

The price as indicated by the publisher is €74,85. See also relevant pages at Springer and Amazon

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