Masterclass Microtectonics

Next class in Mainz: Part I: 13.2-17.2.2024 Part II: 19.2-22.2.2024 It is possible to participate in only Part I or Part II of these courses, but we recommend joining both since they are complimentary. Both parts are open to students from the University of Mainz; Part I will also attract official University of Mainz Master’s level course credit. We invite participants external to the University of Mainz to join us in person for the classes, for a fee detailed below.    If you want to register, or have any questions, please send an e-mail to Friedrich Hawemann. We offer two linked practical Masterclasses in Microtectonics at the University of Mainz, Germany. These courses should interest students, postdocs and professionals who wish to learn about the deformation of rocks on the microscopic scale.   Part I  : Delivered by Prof. Virginia Toy and Dr. Friedrich Hawemann, which is entitled “Fault Rocks and … Continue reading Masterclass Microtectonics